New York tech, join us for a #PitchandRun!

Startups are driven by the mission to solve a major problem or improve people’s life experience in a meaningful way. #PitchandRun is no different. The result of our weekly runs is improved life experience through meaningful personal and professional conversations, connections, and sport — mental and physical exercise! This is a group of people committed to self-improvement, who define their success by their ability to help in the success of others and the community. This shared value extends to our professional lives as investors, bankers, founders, and operators. What could be more important than shared values, when selecting a friend, running partner, business partner, investment, or investor?

Steve Jobs was known for his “walks,” where he forged deep relationships, developed profound realizations, and made critical decisions. He was on to something. Lose the notes, the presentation, and the formality and what’s left is what’s most important.



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