From personal investments to an institutional strategy

by Vic Singh and Dan Jaeck

Over the past 10 years, Eniac Ventures has prided itself on staying ahead of the most important platform shifts. In fact, we like to think we’ve done our part to fund those shifts, with early bets in…

The Eniac Ventures team has grown again!

This year, we’ve already announced hiring three new investment professionals — Dan Jaeck, Tim Wang, and Lacey Wisdom. (We’ve made content and operations hires, too.) …

by Hadley Harris and Anthony Ha

Welcome back to Ask a Seed VC, our advice column on startup fundraising and investing. We’ll be doing something a little different today: Answering a few questions that were submitted via Twitter.

The first question comes from Howard Stark: How do you determine your…

by Anthony Ha and Lacey Wisdom

“Katz is a legend.”

That’s how Eniac Ventures co-founder Nihal Mehta explained his eagerness to meet with Michael Katz eight years ago, and why he didn’t hesitate to invest in Katz’s then-new startup mParticle.

After all, the man had already taken his first company…

by Anthony Ha and Lacey Wisdom

More exciting news from the Eniac portfolio: Alloy just announced that it has raised $100 million in Series C funding — and with a post-money valuation of $1.35 billion, it’s officially a unicorn!

To learn more about Alloy’s success and how the company might…

by Anthony Ha and Lacey Wisdom

It’s been eight years since the Eniac portfolio company now known as MaestroQA was founded. The journey is far from over, but founders Vasu Prathipati and Harrison Hunter have hit a major milestone, raising a $25 million Series A.

We’re proud to have played…

by Lacey Wisdom and Nihal Mehta

With a busy fundraising fall underway, we’ve been highlighting the things that startups need to successfully raise a Series A. We started with a relatively neglected topic, the data room. …

by Vic Singh and Dan Jaeck

We are excited to announce that we’ve co-led $3 million in seed funding in Givz with our friends at Vinyl.

We’re particularly pleased to be partnering with founders Andrew Forman, Jay Henderson, Eric Carlstrom, and their team to build a company that helps consumers…

by Anthony Ha and Nihal Mehta

Welcome back to Ask a Seed VC, Eniac’s advice column about startup fundraising and investing. Today’s question comes from Caleb Madrigal, co-founder of the Latin American carpooling app Tranzee:

How much money should be required to fully test product/market fit? We have only spent…

by Lacey Wisdom, Tim Wang, and Nihal Mehta

Here at Eniac Ventures, we’re getting ready for the fall to be into one of the busiest periods ever for Series A funding — and that’s after a record-setting first half of the year.

Like any seed investor, we want to see…

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